FIBARO smoke sensor - availability in EU


Several months ago I purchased FIBARO smoke sensor ( connected and testes it. All worked fine and recently I purchased 5 more FIBARO smoke sensors. When I tried to add them to my Hub from mobile SmartThings app I discovered that FIBARO smoke sensors are not available anymore in the device list. Then I found support article saying “This device is certified for use in the United Kingdom only” I am located in EU (Latvia).

The questions are:

  1. Is it possible to change “SmartThings” app location to UK to be able to add FIBARO smoke sensors from device list?
  2. Are there any other ways to add FIBARO smoke sensors to Hub?


Interesting. I’m not sure what that “This device is certified for use in the United Kingdom only” really means. Does “certified” means that it is supposed to work only with UK hub.

What does you Hardware version say in IDE? I do not live in UK but my hub is “UK customer” hub. My location is outside UK and all my Fibaro smoke sensors work solid.

Device model is: Fibaro Smoke Sensor ZW5
Device type is: Fibaro Smoke Sensor

I purchased “SmartThings Hub” v3 (GP-U999SJVLGSB ) ( from
Previously added Fibaro smoke sensors work solid as well. The issue is that I am unable to add any new “Fibaro smoke sensors” from SmartThing app, because there no such devices in the list (there no any Fibaro devices - see screenshots).


What about scan? Add smoke sensors to pairing mode and search them. I haven’t ever added any device by using that list. I do not even know if it’s fully working because of the new app and its possible bugs…

EDIT: Fibaro should be there though… I have it in device list between ezex and First alert.
EDIT2: and I have hub v2.

When I try to add smoke sensors to pairing mode and search them - they are added as Generic device (probably because of the sensor i not in " the list").
Fully agree that Fibaro should be there, but the are not :frowning:

And Samsung SmartThings support is not trying to help at all!


Try this:

It should work.

Than you Jani, will try.

But it would be good to understand from where SmartThing App gets a location to filter the list of brands / sensors to show when adding new devices from the app.


I have tried this - - it doe snot performed as expected: strange view in app, sync issues (see pictures attached).

I found that SmartThings device handler is much better and finally I found a solution how add Fibaro smoke sensor even if it is not in the app list:
1 Create Device Handler using “Fibaro Smoke sensor” SmartThing template (it is even in is in “Unpublished” state).
2. Add sensor to the Hub using “Generic” approach
3. Device is added using defined “Device Handler” in step 1.
4. Change device name and type to built-in “Fibaro Smoke Sensor” type.
5. Wake up sensor
6. Configure the device


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