Fibaro sensors, available in Europe soon available in the US


Noticed that Fibaro now are to launch in the US as well. So, are there any plans of adding their sensors such as for example motion sensor (would be nice it it was supported as much as possible so that one can use the led for example) and smoke sensor?

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Wow, these look cool. I wonder what the prices will be. If they work with SmartThings, I might hold out and get one of the motion sensors instead of waiting for the Monoprice ones to come back into stock.

They look like they are Z-Wave so hopefully would work… the smoke sensor is 59GBP and the motion sensor is 50GBP in the UK so around $80-$90 here in the USA. I have family in the UK so if we know they would work may get one shipped here.

I was reading the motion sensors didn’t automatically work with the vera, I wonder if it’ll work with ST. But according to Fibaro, it should be available for preorder by the end of the month and ships 30-45 days from the pre order date. Will be interesting to see the price but based on the manual though, it’s a wireless unit and it doesn’t seem like there’s anyway to have this wired… without mods anyways. So it won’t act as a zwave repeater.

….. the smoke sensor is 59GBP and the motion sensor is 50GBP in the UK so around $80-$90 here in the USA. I have family in the UK so if we know they would work may get one shipped here.

You’d better think carefully about that…

Z-wave devices in Europe (including the UK) operate on a different band to US Z-wave devices (868.42 MHz for Europe vs. 908.42 MHz for US). Therefore Z-wave devices made for the European market will not communicate with a SmartThings hub built for the US (and vice versa). We have a similar problem here in Australia (and New Zealand) where Z-wave operates on yet another band - 921.42 MHz.

This is perhaps the biggest failing with Z-wave - it adds substantial ongoing overhead for manufacturers trying to supply multiple markets (over and above the different certifications required) and results in significant market segmentation.

Fibaro is indeed coming to the US, they are Z-Wave and they will be in the US frequency so they will be compatible with smartthings, I am quite sure. I am a Home Automation dealer and they approached us before Christmas to be a Fibaro dealer along with quite few other US retailers I’m sure. They are rolling out four of their products to select dealers this spring, however they are not available yet if you check their website. Just wanted to chime in with what I knew in that regard.

Just got the new Motion Sensor from Fibaro here in Ireland. It’s detected by ST as Other Devices and named Aeon Multisensor.The only activity shown is the Motion part,The app shows all other sensor options as - - .The Configure icon does not react to anything. Hope ST will make this device compatible soon , as it is awesome looking with many capabilities.


@arik I agree, it would be really nice to get it supported. Also being able to set the led color ie red when mode is away for example to indicate that it is armed.

All Fibaro items are very well designed. Unfortunately, the parts are hardly compatible. Smartthings, please work on the topic

I must echo the desire for prober Fibaro Motion sensor support. The sensor is awesome in functionality and design, but severely limited in use by Smartthings.

I agree. The nearest we have is the Aeontec one, which is good but not as good.