Fibaro Single Switch not changing to momentary

I have connected a Fibaro single switch to operate my garage door. I am using a relay switch because I am not able to send 220V to my garage door.

The problem is that even though I have changed the type of switch from “toggle” to "momentary, it still behaves as a toggle switch.

Can anybody help?

@anon36505037 you seem to be the Fibaro expert… any ideas?

@anon36505037 thanks for your reply!

What you are describing is “Toggle Switch” mode (it is the default). When I was discussing with fibaro tech support, I was informed that Momentary switch would only open/activate the switch for a “moment” and then shut down again. Did I not understand correctly?

Thank you, will give it a shot.

Meantime, is there a parameter that I could change so I do not send 220V through my fibaro to my garage gate? Or am I stuck with putting an old school relay switch between the fibaro and the gate?