Fibaro Momentary Relays

(Kjx Oduzz) #1

I have a Fibaro relay (zwave relay device) that I use to control my gates. The problem is that once the relay pulses, it stays in a latched state, so that other key fobs are rendered useless until I pulse the gate again via ST.

I’ve tried changing the device type to a momentary switch, but this has no effect. Is there a way of essentially forcing 2x pulses per button click on ST?

(cjcharles) #2

The setting inside the Fibaro should allow you to change this, are you saying you have tried changing the parameter from within the settings screen? Does it save correctly?

Alternatively there is an auto-off feature which would do the same as you are looking for. If you set that to 3s (which from my testing was the minimum that worked reliably) then it should work fine for you too. Which device do you have? (model number)

(Kjx Oduzz) #3

Thanks for the prompt response. Changing ST settings/device types has
produced no positive effect till date.

I have Fibaro FIBEFGS-212 , being run by ST and not the Fibaro
Controller/Hub. Where/how do I change the Fibaro ‘Auto Off’ device setting?

Thanks in advance.

(Robin) #4

What device handler are you using?

The relays turn on with one press, off with another.

As noted above, Using the correct device handler you can change the device parameters to automatically turn off the relay x miliseconds after turning on… which will simulate a momentary press, with the timer running locally on the device

(Robin) #5

You’ll find this handler, though intended to setup the double relay, will set the parameters of the single relay… just ignore the second channel parameters.

Once you’ve set the parameters, go back to using the Zwave switch default handler and it’ll run locally.

(cjcharles) #6

Yes, I didnt realise the config parameters were identically numbered, just with some missing for the single relay FGS212.
@KJX_Oduzz You want to set config parameter 4 to 30 and that will sort it out.

(Kjx Oduzz) #7

Thanks - the device handler has totally sorted my gates! I therefore
decided to get another relay for my garage door, and I’m running into a
slight problem.

I have to (pulse, wait 1s) x2 for the garage door to work. The pulse and
wait part is possible by using param4, but is there a way to repeat the
last command twice? This will totally resolve all my problems as I’ll
simply repeat once.

I look forward to hearing from you.

(Robin) #8

I solved this for a different user ages ago… involves two relays and a complicated wiring between them… I’ll try to dig out the post (might of been in a PM)

(Robin) #9

Here we go… looks complicated (an I suppose it is)… but it works perfectly giving two open closed events from one initial signal!!

Topic started with the roller shutter module but my example uses the relays.

Note… you only need the one output (not up and down like in the linked example) so can be done in a similar fashion but with two single relays and less wiring… maybe even with one double relay?

(Kjx Oduzz) #10


I simply changed the capability to Momentary (from Switch) and it seems to
have solved my problem ie single click works.

The only problem is that there’s a noticeable delay before the garage door

'Still trying to work out what’s causing the delay.

(cjcharles) #11

Can’t you do all of this with CoRE? A simple routine which waits a few seconds will be fairly reliable in my experience. Can then as a stimulated button to trigger the routine in CoRE.

(Robin) #12

Core (ST Cloud) generally gives you ± 3 seconds, but on bad days it can be a lot worse.

The example above needed precise timing to the millisecond.

(cjcharles) #13

Ah fair enough, didn’t know how precise it needed to be. I like your solution with two fibaros! It’s nice and off the shelf!

An ESP based solution would be cheaper, like using a sonoff but you would need to modify the code slightly. I haven’t checked the ESP blinds code but that would do it too.

(Kjx Oduzz) #14

There are so many Core versions out there. Can anyone point me to the
authentic Core github URL’s for the smartapp and the device handler?

Thanks in advance.

(Robin) #15

Go straight to webCoRE