Fibaro Single Switch 2 - Stopped working now won't toggle

UK User question:

I installed a Fibaro Single Switch 2 three years ago to control my garden lights and using a device handler written by someone on this forum it worked fine for all that time. Then all of a sudden the device completely disappeared. And after some considerable effort (exclude / remove and re add etc) eventually it appeared again and I managed to add it, great!

However now its acting real funny. If I turn the switch off manually using the switch I can use the App to turn the lights ON, but I can’t then use the App to turn it OFF again (Just get an hour glass round the button). Likewise vice versa, if I use the switch to Turn the lights OFF I can then use the App to Turn it back ON but that’s it i.e. I can turn them on or off once using the App then it seems to freeze and comes up with a Network error message, please try again later!

So I was thinking its likely to be a device handler issue. I’ve tried the new Gen 5 Handler that is now a standard device type but that doesn’t work either.

I am using a standard IP66 light switch and have Parameter 20 set to 1.

So any ideas please?

It’s driving me insane to say the least!!!

Thank you so much in-advance…

Have you factory reset the device yet? Made sure range isn’t an issue? Checked in the IDE it has a good Z-Wave route back to the hub? Looked at the Live Logging to try to find something interesting?

There is a stock device handler now that wasn’t there 3 years ago. Are you using the same device handler as before or has it auto selected the built in one? Reason I ask is that the way the two channels are handles is very different to before.

IMO the erocm123 device handler is better. However i use the stock one as I am hoping it will run locally at some point.

I seem to have got it working following Simon’s suggestion. In-fact after I wrote I did start to hunt for a different handler and downloaded one. Then saw Simon’s post below and hey presto it was the same handler and bingo it started working. So thank you so much for your help…Really appreciate it.

As much as I appreciate smartthings I do find it incredibly frustrating how often things fail which I am guessing always seem to happen after a firmware update.

So one last question, if you get to a point where you have a stable environment would you suggest turning off automatic updates? I guess the only issue then is around security. But it sure would reduce my stress levels trying to keep it all working…haha

Superstar, I had downloaded a newer device handler and when I checked it was the one you suggested and bingo it jumped into life. So thank you so much…Just so frustrating that I spend so much time trying to keep Smartthings working, why can’t they just leave things alone…Don’t fix what isn’t broken haha

Difficult one. The hub and platform updates can’t be turned off. Like most cloud apps you get what they deem as ready for everyone. Although there is some warning now via the email updates. As for the Z-wave modules. They can’t be updated through the platform yet. In fact, the only way to update a Fibaro module is to send it back or purchase the Fibaro Home centre hub and do it yourself.

The biggest benefit of SmartThings in the beginning was the openness of the platform and that so many people were developing smartapps and device handlers that allowed you to connected and use many more things than SmartThings were ever going to support. Unfortunately this is also a problem in that many of those developers have either moved on or are no longer updating their projects. This means that over time, the things that worked for ages start to break. Usually because SmartThings make ‘improvements’ to their platform the change the way things are done.

That why I try to use stock device handlers wherever I can as this reduces the risk of things breaking. That said, I had something break yesterday as a stock device handler doesn’t work with the new Alexa integration.

Hey, its IT and an embryonic area of IT at that.


Your last line definitely sums it up, that and the fact that its a Samsung product. I’ve yet to buy one of their products that hasn’t failed / broken at some point…haha

All the best and once again thank you so much for your help:)