Fibaro double switch 2 trigger

Just added a fibaro double switch 2 modual behind light switch in the bedroom. What i want to is use a second switch to turn on and off bed side lamp.

S1 side is all working perfect

I wired it up by putting a live on one side of the switch then the otherside of the switch to S2 on the modual. I have nothing on the Q2 side.

Then i made an automation to turn off the lamps but didnt work. Its like ST does not know the status of the switch.

Please can anyone help?

Did you install the custom device handler through the IDE? If Not there are a few YouTube vids out there that show how and where to get it. I have two that I have not installed yet but have loaded the DH to be ready.

Yeah just done that but wouldnt know what one i needed

need to go under the device and change it manually after installing Device handler. The device handler you loaded would be at the bottom of the list.

i dont know what devise handler to use and what to load.

Im new to this