Fibaro RGBW Dim when not meant

I have 5 Fibaro RGBW controllers controlling architrave leds in 3 rooms. I am continually having problems with them randomly dimming or changing colour. I keep going back into the device and setting them but then a few weeks later it happens again.

I have also noted that I can not set the colour as part of the smart lighting control, if I do they will not switch on.

I have had these installed for the best part of a year and would like them to work correctly and potentially be able to easily set the colour via smart lighting.

Can anyone offer advise

Forgive my asking, what are architrave LEDs? Their wiring matches the Fibaro?


They are standard 5050 RGBW stips, each individual strip is 15m to 20m and connected at both ends

Is your power supply large (powerful) enough for the LED strip and within the wattage allowed for the Fibaro?

Did you say the LED strip was connected at both ends? Did you mean there was a five pin connection at each end? Are supplying power to one end or both?