my Fibaro motion sensor is at it again. its going berserk. it keeps on detecting motion every minute even when nobody is around.

i have tried reverting to the Stock (?) device handler and it made no difference.

anybody else having this issue? sometimes i just think of throwing this junk to the wall. when it works its great, but when it decides to detect motion every minute by its own… sometimes im tempted to flush it in the toilet too…see how it shows i have 255% of battery left?

I don’t have one of these but I found a Bosch Zigbee sensor doing the same thing. I moved it to a slightly different location and it was fine. I couldn’t prove it, but I think it was due to sitting next to my Google Wifi.

I had a zigbee sensor do this. The fix was a new battery. I see yours showing 255% which cannot be right. How old ids the battery and did it ever show different?

Funny timing, my house just went NUTS today. Nobody home and motion sensors firing all over the place. 2 garage door sensors showed as opening too. All different models, zigbee/zwave, and battery levels. Wife went home and everything was fine, doors closed even though indicates still open.