Fibaro Motion (eye balls) NOT Pairing

Is anyone else having trouble getting the Fibaro motion (eye balls) to pair?

i had been using the default built-in device handler previously, but its not working now.

as a control i installed and tried 2 different DTH, but the eye balls still arent pairing.

i did reboot the hub form the IDE.

other zwave devices are pairing.

have you tried a zwave exclude?

oh yes, many times, both with the app and a minimote.

im the events im not seeing any activity from the fibaro eyeball.

ive even reset the eyeball several times.

Very strange. I once had a sensor do something similar…took the battery out for a bit and it started working

thats what im going to do and let them sit for a day or 2

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still having pairing problems. tried 4 different fibaro eyeballs. while they exclude, they arent pairing.

other zwave devices are pairing.

also, did a zwave repair and it passed.