FIBARO FGS 223 not pair

FIBARO FGS 223 I bought 2 and I can’t pair anymore, I tried the classic s1 x three times, I reset them, but I don’t see them in the hub log but they don’t appear in the add a thing … Has it never happened to you? seems like something related to security

Are you using a custom device handler?

No, first pair and after change custom, or no?

if you have any custom device handlers installed, re-publish them, exclude the device and try to pair again. Also make sure the Fibaro device is the proper z-wave frequency for your hub.

I try like you write, but nothing … on logs i see that there is communication but not pair… I try replace on handlers replicate, but nothing, the result is not pair… have you got another idea?

Some devices they do not like pairing in non-secure mode. Can you take the module close to the hub and try pairing there?

I try to a meter near, but nothing… its incredible

I did have a bad module that would not go into joining mode. Perhaps?

Infact, I bought another and It’s same… and if hub is the problem?

what model hub do you have?

hub v2, UK customer

can you confirm you have the european model and not the USA or other region model?

Yes Uk european, the hub add fibaro 222 immediately, with fibaro fgs 223 nothing

ah. that DTH probably uses a child device. Try this: