[OBSOLETE] FGS-221 Fibaro Dual 1.5kw Relay

I know these Dual Relay Device Types and Button Binders have been done to death, but i had unreliability of some on the Fibaro where the light would flicker or not update quickly if the relay switches or the button binders which were dependent on two virtual switches per relay. this is based on others work and i have credited in the comments.

but these do work well for me with the FGS-221 relays.

the smart app is needed to bind the second relay to a virtual switch


I just bought a hub and a fibaro 221, can anyone here help me setting this device up?

What do I need to do, to control the relay with the hub? Is just as simple as install this device type and the smart app?


yes it so very nearly that simple,

First add the smart app and device type from the code on their respective pages in the IDE, then just join the device to your hub, it will join as a z-wave switch, you then need to change the device type in the device properties on the list device page.

lastly you just need to add a new simulated switch on the device page and configure the smart app to bind the second switch to the simulated switch and you are done.

Thanks, it worked like a charm :smiley:

good to hear it, cheers for the feedback

Hi, I have done all the above but i am struggling to get the Fibaro 221 paired with the Smartthings hub (it just does not show up). Can you help at all?

I am clicking the B button three times to pair it, but nothing happens.

many thanks for your help

if its not pairing it may be because of range? But before you test this by unwiring to move nearer the hub, run through the reset procedure on the device in case it already thinks it is paired. Then attempt pairing again.

You reset the relay switching off power to the relay via your fuse box and press and hold the button and turn on power to the relay for 3 seconds

Hi, I had to fiddle a bit with the relay but it worked like a beauty. Thanks for the tip!

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Hi beazzy, what was the “fiddle” to get this working ?

You just need to try again and again multiple times (10 i guess) and then it magically starts working. hope this helps

Hi @Fuzzyligic

I have been using this handler and smartapp with my Fibaro 222 dual relay and its been working great!

I now got the new FGS-223 dual relay, but its not working with this or any of the other dual relay handlers I could find. I think it got some extra security commands enabled or something. Its working with the “zwave switch secure” and “Aeon Secure Smart Energy Switch UK” but then of course only with one of the outputs

Any idea how to get it to work with both switches?

I’m fairly new to Smartthings and I’m trying to make one of these dual relays work with my heating/ventilation. I can’t figure out how to make the 2 switches appear as separate things. Is it possible? If so how do I do it?
Also the switch doesn’t operate the way I want it to. Presumably there are parameters I can change to change the way it switches. How do I change these?



If you use a suitable device handler, the two switches will appear as two different switches within the app…not as two seperate ‘things’

This is my FGs-223 relay. You can independently switch each relay.

NOTE - I don’t believe I’m using the same device handler as in this thread…I can’t remember in which thread I found it.

I’ve managed to get the second switch o work now. I hadn’t installed the handler properly.
How do I change the parameters?

By clicking the cog in the top right of the screen. (Well, that’s for iOS, don’t know what it looks like on android)

It doesn’t on the one I have. Maybe I need to get the FGS223.

Maybe that’s because the device handler you are using doesn’t allow you to change parameters. There are several device handlers available…try a different one.


I am trying to install a FGS-221 as two separate things on the screen. I tried your device handler and managed to see the second switch icon inside the thing.

How do I get the second switch on the main Things screen ?

I do not really understand how to deploy the simulated switch smartapp. Can you give some more detailed instructions.

I am very new in Smartthings. Just started two day ago. Sorry for being such a dumbo…