FIBARO FGS-223 Pairing problem

(Gkatzaras Janis) #1

I Have problem to pair my new fibaro FGS-223 EU 3.2 FIBARO DOUBLE SWICH 2 with my smartthings EU hub
it is not posible to find as a new thing
in same network works perfect 3 fibaro FGR222 EU 2.5 ROLLER SHUTTER

Thanks Gkatzaras Janis
Volos Greece


Are you performing the pairing sequence according to the manual?

(Gkatzaras Janis) #3

thanks Ryan 780
Now I found Z-Wave Device Multichannel but I don’t like the working procedure


Did you load the custom device type handler?

(Gkatzaras Janis) #5

thanks Ryan780
now works perfect
you are star