Fibaro FGS-221 to smartthings

Has anyone able to use Fibaro FGS-221 in smartthings?

It’s unlikely to be fully integrated as that particular model was discontinued before smarthings officially supported Fibaro devices, and therefore won’t have been sent to their labs for certification. You might have some success with using “generic zwave” inclusion, but I can’t say for certain

can you recommend a few compatible product? general use for garage door and gate opener relay. thanks

Your best options will be the FGBS-222 “smart implant” or the FGS-224 “double smart module” but as these are both relatively new products, compatibility will depend on whether FIBARO have sent these to Samsung for certification. Also, each frequency variation is certified independently. So for example, if the EU version is certified, it doesn’t necessarily mean the US or AU versions will support it (yet)

I have installed the driver from Ovidiu Pruteanu which works well although the slave devices have to be added one at a time from the ST app. However the volt-free contact is easily destroyed (done it) despite apparently being within operational limits, so beware.