Fibaro FGS-213 - Scene IDs and wiring help


(Harry Dodd Noble) #1

I hav have a Z Wave switch Fibaro FGS213 and I wondered if anyone can help on configuring it.

  1. Is it possible to wire this in such a way that pushing Switch1 will turn on a light and pushing Switch 2 will turn off a light
  2. Has anyone got this working with Scene IDs? I have set the appropriate configs up but not getting any feedback from the switch when double/tripple tapping.

@RobinWinbourne I have seen your advice elsewhere on this site - any chance you might be able to help?!



(Robin) #2

I can’t help with the switch modules… never had much use for them.

I use the dimmers everywhere, and if I need them to act like switches (non-dimmable) I just put them in on/off mode.

I don’t believe the existing switch handlers can translate the scene ID’s yet?? maybe butcher parts of the dimmer handlers and try to put something together.