Fibaro Dimmer 2 - S2 issue

Hi - I have a 4 toggle multi-switch and want to use one toggle to control my downlights and another toggle to trigger a Scene which is detected in wevcore and sets a virtual sensor / switch in ST that can be used to trigger an Alexa routine (not all of my devices are z-wave).

I had initially configured the dimmer on a single toggle switch to control the downlights in my living room (toggle 1) with S1 wired to L1 and S2 wired to L2 on the switch – everything works fine using ST. I want to now setup S2 on a separate toggle to trigger a scene (toggle 2) that can be picked up by webcore.
I have wired the S2 terminal on the fibaro to the L1 of toggle 2 and find that toggle 2 now controls the downlights and toggle 1 does nothing (and doesn’t trigger the scene).

I’m completely confused and hope that someone can help me out. I don’t understand why the S1 switch no longer controls the downlights and I do not know why webcore is not picking up Scene ID 20 or 21.

Hopefully someone can help and save me pulling out what little hair I have left

Maybe a picture would be clearer. Doesn’t the first toggle switch go to S1 and Sx, and the second toggle switch controlling scenes goes to S2 and Sx?

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hi @Alwas - i have used wiring diagram 2 for a double switch from the Fibaro instructions. the angle of the photo makes it look like the neutral is in the Sx terminal on the device but it is wired in correctly.

Wow that is some switch! A lot going on there, my toggle switches don’t have any power lines going to them from the wall, unlike yours, they have just two wires going directly to the Fibaro. I would start searching on Amazon for some reasonably priced wigs! :+1:


You’ve got that wired up wrong you shouldn’t have any live wire’s going to the switch mate you should only have sx and s1 or s2 going to your switch have a Google at some more wiring diagrams for the dimmer 2.

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Thanks - that sorted it

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Where’s the 2512887e0976b8a67bdff261c946c1794c8ebd8f to help other users? :wink: