[SmartThings Edge] Issue with the device Fibaro FGS-213 (Z-Wave Switch driver)

The behaviour for the Fibaro Single Switch 2 ‎FGS-213 is not fully correct.

For S2, I’m seeing the following behaviour:

Toggle switch state changed
“Button pushed” shows on device in app, in either direction (requires modification to pushed/held)
Power On / Off toggled in app (incorrect)
DOES NOT control the local load (correct)
Routine for “Button pushed” works. (correct)

If the S1 load is physically on
Physical S2 toggle does not change state of load (correct)
Does change power state in app (incorrect)

This is in-line with the “Toggle switch synced with switch status”, so if S1 is on & S2 is off, then S2 toggle switch is changed to on the power indicator stays on. If S1 is on & S2 is on & the toggle switch is changed to off, the power indicator will go off. (The actual load output does not change).

If the power button is pushed for the device in-app, this controls the local load (correct) and changes the power state (correct). It does not activate the S2 scene/button (correct).

In the app’s device history, the Button press & Power state is logged as per the above. The power meter will only log if the actual output load changes (due to the S1 toggle switch or in-app power change).

I have seen the same behaviour in the stock Z-Wave Switch Edge driver as well as @Mariano_Colmenarejo 3rd party version (in which the Fibaro Dimmer 2 behaviour is absolutely perfect with both S1 and S2 & in-app behaviour).

Let me know if you would like any CLI logs.

Thanks. :slight_smile:


Just to confirm, do you mean that the current behavior of the physical device is reflected correctly in ST according to the switch type "Toggle switch synced with switch status” but it is not what you expect?

The configuration parameter of “switch type” is included in the device preferences. If you change it to another option like “toggle sw. (ON/OFF)”, is the behavior still incorrect?


The toggle switch sync for S1 is correct and largely irrelevant to the issue, just more for reference.

However, S2 is affecting the in-app power status despite not actually controlling the physical load on S1.


ok, please share with us the following information to build@smartthings.com

  • Hub logs and a screen record of the behavior in the ST app
    This is to compare what is received in the messages and what it’s shown in the app.
  • Device ID
  • Driver ID
  • Channel ID