How to Pair Fibaro Double Switch 2 to ST and use both S1 and S2

So I have wired 1 fibaro Double Switch 2 to controll 2 different lights. So far I have been able to pair the S1 successfully but when I triple click S2 (fast), I am not able to discover it in order to add to ST. Does pairing the S1 prevent me for pairing the S2? Do I need to use a different method for S2?

You pair the whole device, not S1 and S2 indepedently. Its the device handler (DTH) that determines how you then control/act on the button presses.

So, if it has discovered by the hub, that’s all you need to do there. Which DTH are you using?

I have not messed with any DTH, so I am probably using the default

I use this one. The parent device creates one child device for each of the two switches.


Thank you, much appreciated. I will give it a try

Make sure you also install the child device handler - Metering Switch Child Device.

I have a number of these double switches and they work great.

I am looking for a “walk through” or a “how to” article to install these DTH. Can anybody point me towards the right direction?

It has been a while since i messed with this stuff and I need to refresh my memory…