Fibaro Double Switch 2 (FGS-223) - Technical Question

Hey guys,
I am using Fibaro Double switch on smart lights (WiFi connected).
I wish to keep the power to the lights so I’ll be able to control them directly, and still to be able to use the connected switch for manual control.
Easy solution is to short circuit the power to the lights and control the lights from the switch via an app or a scene.
BUT - I do not want to keep the power always on to those lights, I still wish that I will be able to disconnect the power to the lights (For maintenance or so).
So, the switch is connected to S1 on Fibaro switch and the lights power are connected to Q1. I am searching for a way to completely disconnect S1 and Q1, so pressing the switch will trigger an event and i will be able to control the lights. Default switch behavior is to cut the power or return the power on Q1 in result to switch press.
(I can use S1 and Q2 to disconnect the switch from the output, but it’s just seems to be such a waste, I am using the second channel for a different light).
Ant ideas how can I manage to achieve that?

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