Can I disable one of the switches for a double switch device?

Scenario is I have a Fibaro Double Switch 2 (FGS-223) and want to know what’s the best approach to disable one of the switches being shown in SmartThings.

Before you say ‘why don’t you just buy a single switch or ignore the second switch?’ I want to bulk buy a set of double switches which gets me a considerable discount instead of buying a mix of single and double switches. As I’m going to be buying quite a few I want out of view switches that don’t actually do anything from ST interface.

Any ideas? Thanks!

Just don’t wire the second input. There’s an example in the manual.

I went with the double switch in a couple of places because it was the same price as the single and helped with some space issues. There is no need to disable the second the second channel, just tuck it out of the way in the app.

Change the device names to “X - [device name]” so they drop to the bottom of the device list.

Create a room called “X - Unused Devices” and place then in there.

I would also have a look to see if you can use the Dimmer 2 modules instead. They are not a relay, but can be used in simple on/off mode. SmartThings has had some issues supporting multi-endpoint devices recently which means the Dimmer 2 is likely to be more reliable long-term and it also runs locally.

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Thanks for the responses. Interesting solution options. Other impacts I have thought of is Alexa will pick up the ‘unused’ switches in device discovery (yes, you can remove them manually but yet another maintenance issue you have to deal with).

I’m just wondering if the device handler could be modified in such away so that ST doesn’t even pick up the second switch. I know @erocm1231 has his hand in the Fibaro Double Switch 2 device handler… I’d love to hear his thoughts on this! :slight_smile:

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I used to use erocm1231’s handler and it great. However, I switched to the stock version when all the platform changes started as I saw it as a way to avoid potential issues. You could change to the stock Z-Wave Switch handler. This is only a single channel device and ignores the second channel. used this to good effect on a FGS-222.

IMO you’re better off tucking unused devices out of the way. Yes there is some extra admin up front (re-naming and room selection) but you will get better reliability by useing the correct handler (unedited) for the correct device. Especially with all the platform and app changes going on right now.

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Good point - I might give that a whirl.

Another good point around the platform changes… I will have to balance reliability vs. admin upkeep.

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