Physical Switch with Fibaro RGBW - help needed please

I have a Fibaro RGBW module and have successfully connected it to my rgbw strips and control it just fine in ST. I’d like to add in a physical switch to turn the lights on/off and dim. I know I’ll have to control colors in the app but would like basic control from a physical switch. I have read the ‘manual’ that Fibaro ships and scoured the interwebs to figure out how to do this but haven’t been successful yet. Could one of you smart folks here help me out?

I don’t care what kind of switch I need to use - if it’s a Zwave physical switch that somehow controls the Fibaro module or a 0-10v switch that’s hard wired into the Fibaro.

Thanks for the help!!

Thanks for calling me smart, I connected it to the regular dumb toggle switch I already had on the wall. As per the instructions in the manual.

Thank you for the response however it didn’t really help me. Yes I’ve seen the diagram that came with the Fibaro.
Can someone give me a little more direction than look at the diagram?

I managed to dig up this old photo.

It wasn’t immediately obvious for me either, so I understand. As you can see from the photo I had to move the black wire to ground for it to work. But I was only working with 12 volts, so I just stick wires in holes until it works.