Use Fibaro as Master All Off Switch but not connected to Load?

Currently refirbing the house and installing Fibaro for most lighting circuits. I want a Master off switch by the front door so that I can trigger all the lights off. I am using Scolmore Mini Grid switches and would like to keep the same look for the Master Off switch.

So my question - can I install a Fibaro (say single switch) with a power feed listening to the switch (2 position retractive) but with no output load? The more detail on this anyone can provide the better.

If not what are the other options?


Yes, you could do that with a Fibaro switch as its just a relay. Maybe look at the single FGS-212 that runs well (and local) with the generic z-wave switch handler. Be aware though that it will need a neutral. Don’t try with the Dimmer 2 though.

Alternatively if you’re installing Fibaro modules anyway, you could use the S2 input on a dimmer 2 (already being used for another circuit), configure the module to send scene activation and then use Webcore to translate the scenes in to a master switch action.


I have had neutrals installed so no problem there and already need a fibaro switch at that location so will just make this a double switch and use web core from there.
I was just concerned it wouldn’t configure without a load attached.


Only the dimmers need a load as they do a calibration.

Fantastic. Thanks for the help.

Can I piggyback on this thread with a related question?

With the Fibaro modules, I understand that the Dimmer 2 can integrate with WebCore by sending a Scene ID for different S1 or S2 button presses.

Can the same be done with the Double Switch 2 FGS-213 (S1 controlling load and S2 for Scene ID to webcore)?


Yes it can

Thanks for that.



October 4
Yes it can