Fibaro Door/Window Sensor not working/integrating

Hi there,
I’m new to ST hub/world (UK version V3 and new version App) and to this ST community so I’m sorry for any mistakes in using the community…
I think it’s the right place to write as, a week ago, I’ve got my first Fibaro Door Window sensor FGK-107 EU protocol.
As i slowly learn and build my own knowledge, i have come across the first problem with this sensor.
In a week i have managed to connect and configure the Hub, attach Alex voice control, several brands of smart plugs, and a yale connexis lock.
All going well until bought two of the Fibaro’s… I was able to get ST to recognise them by adding them as devices, they show up in the new App, but only show battery life and no tamper alert. No matter how much the magnet is moved it stays permanently closed, and this is the same for both sensors.
I am advanced in years and dont fully grasp the device handler or IDE i have been reading about.
The LED’s recognise the change in state with a blink, but am now at a bit of aloss. The V£ app seems very limited, and i have already deleted the devices, excluded then re-included, but that seems the limit of my options.
The mobile app gets no status updates.
Apologies again that this may seem a very basic query, but i would be most grateful for a steer.
Thanks in advance
Mark (UK)

I have the same problem but with FGK-101 fibaro sensor! Did you manage to do something in the end?