Smarthings Multi Sensor Issues

(ravi) #1

Anyone else have issues with the official multi sensor losing connection? Happening several times - I take battery out and put back in then it works again for a week or two. Not sure if its my device or known issue with this product?


(Bob) #2

Yes. I had one that was particularly troublesome.
I had to do the same as you.
I have bought a couple of Fibaro Motion Sensors and they work faultlessly.

(ravi) #3

Thanks - but these are the door sensors not the motion ones. Any good third party ones that work with ST?

(Bob) #4

Nope. The ones I got are Motion, temp, lux and acceleration sensors.

(ravi) #5

Same company does door sensors - reviews OK - but expensive. Anyone used these?

(Bob) #6

Sorry. I read your multi as motion.