Fibaro dimmer working with a standard light switch

I’ve recently installed a Fibaro dimmer 2 in my utility room, behind a standard light switch.

Everything works, with one quirk.

The light switch operates the dimmer on/off only when you toggle the light switch twice. I.e. you switch the switch on, then off again. That action both turns the light on, and turns it off again.

Does anyone know why that might be? Is it a switch issue, wiring issue or is that how it’s supposed to work?

I’ve installed Fibaro switches (as opposed to dimmers) before and they have worked as expected with the switches, do not sure where I’ve gone wrong.

Your dimmer module is configured for a momentary switch. You need to change the config for the device and set it to a toggle switch.


Ahhhhh - yes. Thanks for the replies - all working as expected now. Thanks for the help!

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