Decora ON/OFF/ON momentary switch

I just ordered a Fibaro dimmer switch. Based off what so have been reading I think an ON/OFF/ON momentary switch would be the nicest way to operate the switch manually. Is anyone using this setup? If so, what momentary switch are you using? I’m looking for it to function like a GE dimmer switch except with all the good Fibaro functionality and features.

Travis, did you ever find a good momentary switch option? I asked a very similar question today and later stumbled onto your post.

Are you in the US or UK? There are many options for momentary/retractive switches that can be used with a Fibaro micro, but they are different depending on what region you are in.

I’m in the US.

OK, i’m going to continue this conversation in your other thread as there are some details specific to your project that would help get you the right answers. :sunglasses: