Fibaro Dimmer & Retractive Switch

(Daniel) #1


Unfortunately, the manufacturer of our switches dont currently produce a 3 way momentary switch (e.g. sits in centre position and then push up and or push down and release). So I’m stuck with a standard retractive switch. Our switches are a decorative copper style.

How do people use these sorts of retractive switches as a dimmer via a fibaro dimmer ? E.g. how do you alternate between dim and brighten? Is there a press and hold vs a single press configuration?


(Mark) #2

According to the manual, holding a momentary switch in one position will cause the device to dim up/down for as long as the button is held.

For a toggle switch, it looks like you can single-flip the switch to go to the last brightness setting, or double-flip to go to max brightness. But no dimming up/down at the switch I guess.

I believe @RobinWinbourne uses a bunch of Fibaro dimmers. Maybe he can confirm.

(Daniel) #3

Thanks Mark.

Does this mean you hold and it gets to full brightness and then returns back to fully dimmed, stepping back up to full brightness if you continue to hold ?

(Robin) #4

With a momentary switch:

  • 1 click - toggle on/off
  • 2 clicks - turn on at 100%
  • press and hold (when off) - turn on at 1%
  • press and hold (when on) - phase brightness up / down (alternate holds)

I don’t use the blind type switches on any of my Dimmer 2’s… the default momentary controll is very intuitive.

(Mark) #5

Perhaps this is just my ignorance of light switches in the UK, but you seem to distinguish between a retractive and momentary switch?

I thought they’re pretty much the same thing? i.e. you “push-to-make” and the circuit remains closed as long as you hold the switch (like a doorbell).

(cjcharles) #6

They are the same, i.e. they sit in an off position and you have to press and hold for them to stay ‘on’.

The differentiation was that you can get 1-way and 2-way retractive switches - i.e. one will have a default position by being ‘off’ (disconnected) and can be pressed on the bottom only (to trigger the switch), while the 2-way switch has a default position in the centre (disconnected) and can be pressed on the top or bottom to trigger two separate outputs.

This is the nicest (budget friendly) 2-way switch I have found for metallic faceplates.

(Simon) #7

Varilight also do some decent momentary switches on a on a standard switch plate.

(Daniel) #8

Thanks for all the info!