Is it possible to reverse controls for Dimmer 2 wired to roller blind switch type?

Hi, I’m in the UK and wondering if I can help some help…I’ve got a Fibaro Dimmer 2 wired to a roller blind switch type (or 3 position switch where centre is off). Once I get it all connected and turned on the buttons on the switch do the opposite of what I expect, i.e. instead of the lights turning on when I press the up part of the switch, I have to press the down part. And then to turn off I have to press the up part and dimming is reversed as well.

If I turn the whole switch upside down the earth wire then doesn’t reach the connector on the switch which is now farther away. So what I’m wondering is, is there a way to reverse what the buttons do through parameter settings?

I always expect the lights to come on when I press a switch down? (UK also)

From my post here:

Note this (original, functional method which worked for more than a year):

  • pressing and releasing the “up” section of the switch switched the lights on at the same level they were before. Double pressing “up” went to full brightness.
  • pressing and holding “up” slowly raised the lighting level. Release to leave it there.
  • pressing and releasing “down” turned the lights off.
  • pressing and holding “down” slowly lowered the lighting level.

… At some point somehow started to work like this:

Update - my retractive switch is now a waste of time. The functionality has definitely been lost. Since nothing has changed, I can only assume that it’s down to either the hub firmware changing something, or an update to the stock DTH ?

For reference, I now have to have it set as a ‘momentary’ instead of ‘roller blind’.

I press a physical down button once - light comes on. Press again, light off. Press and hold - light brightens. Press and hold again, light dims. Press and hold again, light brightens…and so on.

The “up” button seems to do nothing but allow a single press to flick the lights back off.

It’s really odd. And it’s not how it’s supposed to work, nor is it intuitive.

Something has changed on smartthing’s side over the last few months, hard to say exactly when. But it’s made my fib dimmer 2 work very… oddly. Sorry.

With a toggle switch yes. I’m talking about a 3 position switch (or what is described in the DTH handler parameter 20 as a roller blind switch) where it’s neutral position is in the middle and it can then be pressed up or down for turning lights on, off and dimming but it always returns to the centre.

Interesting. I had similar behaviour to what you described in your update with all the functionality being linked to the down button but that was my mistake because I hadn’t connected S2 on the Dimmer 2 to L2 on the switch. Once I did that it all worked fine.

But it still doesn’t seem like the behaviour of the buttons can be reversed if using a 3 position switch…