Fibaro Dimmer 2, Dimming using the physical switch

Hi all …
I’m going to install a Fibaro Dimmer 2 to my ceiling lights,
I will be using a momentary switch, does anyone know if I can use the switch itself to control the dimming levels of the lights ? I’m not sure if I understand the manual correctly.
It states that holding down the momentary switch will set the brightness to 1% or 99%
Note the OR … so can it not be set to any value in-between ?
Can anyone with dimmer 2 and momentary switch shed some light on this for me :slight_smile:

This is from the manual

Controlling using an external switch

Momentary switch (after releasing the switch a spring automatically pushes back and disconnects the switch):

  • Turning the light ON/OFF: change the position of switch no. 1. The Dimmer 2 will be activated always at previously set brightness level.
  • Brightening/dimming the light: hold switch no. 1 down. When the switch is held down, the Dimmer 2 will always reach the extreme value of 1% or 99%.
  • Turning the light ON completely: fast double-click switch no. 1. The Dimmer 2 will set the load at 99%.

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Thank you so much …
I have already wired the dimmer and it works like you said …
what a fabulous product the Fibaro Dimmer is …
I’m also using S2 to control scenes for another lights.

Thanks again for the reply.

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@anon36505037 - is there a way to retain app functionality for dimming but disable it from the momentary switch?

Robin - I couldn’t find one in the configurations either.

Just thinking laterally… what if the light is connected straight to S1 on the module with no switch in the circuit, and the momentary switch is connected to the S2 input?

Then there would be no direct load control but you would be able to use WebCore (or just the scene reporting functionality of the dimmer) to control the load on/off by pressing S2.

@anon36505037: understood.

I don’t want to use toggle switches as they can be “on” while the light is off, and vice versa. It is confusing.

But using momentary switches for dimming fails the “mother-in-law” test. You shouldn’t have to know anything about the home to be able to turn the lights on and off. This arcane behaviour of holding down to dim/brighten is impossible to explain to guests. My kids and guests frequently muck it up by accidentally holding down the switch for too long and changing the dimming level.

I want to have the momentary switch turn on/off the light status to a dimming level preconfigured by the app (or by the last scene selected). But I don’t see a convenient way to do it.

Robin - great thoughts. Thanks.