Seeking US product recommendations for a 3 position momentary wall switch for Fibaro Dimmer 2 or Aeotec Nano dimmer relays

I have no neutrals in part of my home, so I plan to use Fibaro Dimmer 2, model FGD-212 for those locations.

Can anyone recommend a momentary switch I can connect to the Fibaro Dimmer 2 that would allow me to control the dimmer level (both up and down) at the wall switch (like I’m able to do with the GE Z-wave 12729 dimmers)?

Thank you!

Sorry, I’m confused by your question.

First, the Fibaro dimmer and the Fibaro relay (switch) Are two different devices. The relay does not dim at all, it’s Just a binary on/off switch.

Second, By definition, “momentary” switches don’t latch into the typical two positions of a regular (bi-stable) switch. They work more like a traditional doorbell switch where they rest in the off position and only turn on when you press them, then automatically return to the off position.

A momentary switch that looks like a rocker commonly has three positions, not two: press on the top, press on the bottom, rest in the middle. This is the kind that most people would use so that when you press on the top like it brighter and when you press on the bottom, it gets dimmer.

So can you give us a few more details of which Fibaro model you are using and what you are looking for and then hopefully we can help with suggestions.

Edited my post for additional clarity. When I originally specified “2 position”, I meant two “ons” and the FGD-212 in-wall dimmer.

I have traditional “toggle”-style switches, and the only thing close that I’ve been able to find is this part:
Eaton AH1995W

Thank you, that’s a much clearer. Do you want it to look like a toggle, or look like a rocker? The device you linked to is a toggle. A lot of people prefer rockers specifically because they do rest in the center position and the rockers will tend to look more like other rocker switches in the home. But if all of the other switches are toggles and you are OK with it sticking straight out then there are certainly toggle options, by the way, the nicer looking ones are commonly sold for garbage disposal control, So that’s usually a good section to look in.

I’d prefer a toggle so it’s consistent with my GE Z-wave toggles.

Maybe searching Garbage Disposal, Blinds, Shutters, Projector Screen + Switch is the magic Google query.

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( I know you already know this, but just to clarify for other people who might find this thread later, all of the following are dumb switches which would be wired to a smart in wall micro. These are not switches that can work with smartthings on their own.)

Leviton makes a bunch of different models in that style with different specs. They also come in more colors than any of the other brands. Home Depot can get them for you if there’s a particular combination you’re having trouble finding.

Hubbell and Bryant Also each make several in different specs. The following are just some examples, but they both have multiple models in the single gang toggle style.

By the way, some more search terms are “on/off/on“ and “center off.“ But you never know, every manufacturer uses different descriptions. :wink:

I just noticed you specified double pole at one point. The Fibaro dimmer is a single pole device, it does not control two circuit branches. The "two"at the end of the name means it is the second generation of the single circuit dimmer, not that it can control two separate lights. The “Switch” (relay) does come in a “double” model which would work with a double pole, but, as you noted, it does require a neutral.

Do you need one switch to control two separate fixtures?

Thanks for the amazon links. I’m inclined to get the Leviton, but does anyone make a 15A SPDT toggle? The 20A toggle is a bit wider than a normal switch (but that’s not a deal-breaker).

Good point, to be honest, I’m not sure.

@anon36505037 may know, he has his whole house outfitted with Fibaro kit.

Thank you for the clarification, @anon36505037 and for the discussion @JDRoberts. This is the essentially the switch behavior I’m looking for and SPDT are far easier to find in toggle style.

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You can alter any normal decora switch, leviton makes a 3 switch unit in the same size as one switch

Uncrimp the metal yoke holding the switch face plastic . Remove the spring. Glue in small magnets or a spring the push the switch back to open. Solder it to wherever smart device you want.

I use it on a hue dimmer so i have in wall local controll of my bathroom vanity hue lights

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Resurrecting this because I’ve run into physical space constraints with the Leviton 1256/1257 and a single-gang US box.

This Leviton model is substantially deeper/thicker than a regular US 15 amp toggle dumb switch. Even being really careful with wire lengths and bends in my table test bench (a 1-gang box and a dumb light) with the Fibaro Dimmer 2, it’s really tough to fit the dimmer + switch into the box. I’m not counting the 1/2" of drywall, and that could make the difference.

I’m making what are essentially jumpers with 14ga solid wire, and if I allow for just two wire nuts from the line and load in the box, I can’t stuff it in reliably enough to be very confident this is the way to do my single switches (let alone the one 3-way I have).

@JaggedIce 's DIY approach is a possibility (regular dumb toggle switches are much thinner, but I want to avoid a rocker-style switch for consistency with the rest of my switches) but I’m wondering if I’m thinking about this wrong. Is there another approach for fitting these dimmers and retaining on/off dim up/dim down at the switch?

Test rig:

You can use a collar on the switch, sometimes called a box extender or extension ring (Even if it’s rectangular), which will give you another half an inch or so above the level of the wall. These are widely available at Home Depot or Lowe’s as they are commonly used for backsplash in kitchens when you’ve added tile. It’s just a question of if you find one that you like the look of.

Leviton makes them, but so do lots of other companies, your local hardware store will have a selection:

My test box is only 2.5" deep. I think I made this way too hard on myself: I can surely source a deeper old work box. The Carlon B120R and BH118R are cheap and plentiful at the local Home Depot.

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I can confirm the Carlon 14 cu in boxes are plenty large for the Leviton 1256 Momentary and Fibaro Dimmer 2. The 18 and 20 cu in boxes are a bit deeper but if there’s any interference or depth question, the 14 is a little easier on clearance.

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2020 update:

For anyone looking for a rocker style, Zooz now makes one for exactly this purpose:

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