Fibaro dimmer 2 problems

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Hello, wondering if anyone can help. I have installed a fibaro dimmer 2 to control my led pendant lights. I am using a three position momentary switch and have wired according to the instructions on Vesternet and also the manual. However for some reason the light only operates with the “down” part of the switch. (Like a single momentary). I have set attribute 20 to value 2 (for blind switch).
Also the dimmer is not responding to brightness changes in the app. I have tried another dimmer 2 that I have but have the same result. Pretty sure I don’t need a bypass as the there is no flickering and the lights work ok on the switch, just not when pushing the “up” or off.


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What device handler are you using?

Did you set parameter 20 using the mobile app or via the online IDE?

Can you post the wiring diagram you followed? (Manual doesen’t specifically show the blind switch method)

(david amos) #4

I am using the groovy handler, it was the latest one I could find. It is working ok with another dimmer 2 and standard switch that I have on my outside lights.
This is the wiring I have followed

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Use this handler:

View the device in the ST app, click the cog symbol (top right) and change the switch parameter there… then click ‘done’.

Though you didn’t answer my question, I suspect you changed the parameter via the IDE web access, but that wouldn’t sync with the device properly.

(david amos) #6

Sorry, I forgot to mention that I did update the parameter via the mobile app.

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And you’ve tried with the handler I posted above?

Does your blind switch just have 3 terminals? (Up/down/COM) or does it have 5 terminals to allow for normally open / normally closed usage?

Can you post closeup photos of the switch terminals and wires going to the Fibaro please.

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I am about to go this route, but so far 3 out of 4 of the momentary switches are broken. It might not be your problem, but one of the “broken” ones only activated on one way- the other way being dud. It might be worth testing the switch.

(david amos) #9

I have tried that handler but it seems you have to enter every field rather than just change the required parameter away from its default?

I will post some photos of the wiring I have done shortly.

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Are you using Android or iOS?

The defaults are already on the device, just change the ones you want to change. Due to a bug that effects defaults on Android (always complains of incomplete fields), @zcapr17 had to comment out the defaults in the code to cater for Android.