Can't get a 3-position Varilight switch to dim up and down with Fibaro Dimmer 2

Hi, I bought this 3-position Varilight switch to use with a Fibaro Dimmer 2 so that I could have easier dimming control at the switch (Hold up button to brighten and down button to dim). However, I can’t get it to control the lights properly. Only the top half of the switch works and nothing happens if I click the bottom half.

Does anyone know how these are supposed to be wired with a Fibaro Dimmer 2?

I did change parameter 20 in my Dimmer 2 settings to ‘2 = roller blind switch’ and then I came across this note on Vesternet which suggests that the wiring is identical to that for a normal toggle switch except you also have to make a connection between S2 on the dimmer and L2 on the switch so I used an extra wire to make that connection but still makes no difference.

I’m not sure what the box to the right of the circuit diagram is showing with an arrow from COM to L1 - maybe that’s where I’m missing a trick?


Having wired it as per the diagram above, I’ve noticed once I change parameter 20 of the standard Fibaro Dimmer 2 DTH to “2 - Roller blind shutter” via the IDE, when I check in the app it constantly shows the message “Sync in progress (param: 20)”. So it seems the wiring is not the issue, the parameter change isn’t syncing back to the dimmer.

I tried a different DTH and the sync succeeded and when I checked the switch it now works as expected.

If I have two DTH’s with identical name - how else can I tell them apart?

Give one of them a different name.

I can’t, when I go to edit the DTH the name field cannot be changed…

What do you mean? It’s a custom DTH? You can edit the name field in the IDE. Go into the IDE and into the DTH and change it in the metadata at the top of the code:


My bad - thanks I’ve managed to change it now.