Fibaro Dimmer 2 installation issue

Hi all,

This is my first post here.
Recently i have wanted to start my home automation project, so i bought one fibaro dimmer 2 (i don’t even have a hub yet) to test if it fits well behind the switch and if it works.
After installing the module with momentary switch i pressed it once and light switched on, but just for a 1-2 seconds and turned itself off. This happens everytime i press the switch. I also tried to press and hold, but nothing happens.
I have a 3 wire electric installation and LED bulbs.
Can someone help me out with this? I am pretty bad at electrical installations…

Thank you very much for your help.
I just tried to reset the module following your instructions, but it doesnt work.
So i noticed that i have 2 different bulbs in my ceiling lamp. I guess this could be the cause of strange behaviour of the module so i unscrewed one of them and left the other (IKEA LED bulb).
Now when i hit the main breaker switch, the bulb starts flickering for 3-4 seconds making very quiet electrical noise, then lights up constant 100% for a moment and the process repeats itself.
I thought that it was the calibration but it loops this process without ever stopping (i waited for over 15 minutes and gave up)
Light on module is constant red.
Here are photo of my switch with attached module. Maybe i’m doing something wrong…


My IKEA bulb:

Well to be honest first time i tried to attach it the right way and absolutely nothing happened (no lights whatsoever) so i figured maybe the installation in walls was attached wrong and tried different combination.

Yes, but original wiring was attached to basic switch (not momentary)
Its a double switch (but only one works with the ceiling lamp) if it matters
Here you go:

sure, but i can take and post the photos after i will come back home.

Hey man i really appreciate your help with this!

OK here are the photos. On the left is the new momentary switch and on the right old double basic switch

No i only gor one circuit. I bought the momentary switch along with the dimmer.
So how do i attach the cables to the dimmer and to the switch?