FIbaro Dimmer Switch issues

Hi Guys,

I have Fibaro Dimmer switches (V1) controlling the lights on the stairs but I am having issues when using the physical wall switch.

It seems that if I go to use the switch (momentary) it doesn’t always work and needs me to keep the button pressed to almost wake the device and then I get on/off/dim control as normal.

I have tried installed the device handlers in webcore as it is simply down as a “z-wave dimmer” but I can only see V2 in the directory. I have tried uploading this and see all the parameters but I then lose control of the switch.

Any ideas?

Ok, I have managed to find the FGD211 device handler files which have uploaded correctly.

I have read that it is parameter 10 which has to be set from 1 to 0 and parameter 14 to 0 also. My problem now is that when I set parameter 10 to 0, it reverts back to 1 as soon as I come out of the screen.

Does anyone know why this is happening?