Fibaro button v3.2 us

I recently brought the fibaro z wave button from .my hub is a US hub .but this button just won’t connect to the hub .has anyone found a way to connect this to the hub ? I set the hub in search mode and click the button 6 times but the hub keeps searching and searching .am I doing something wrong here? I am new to Smart things .

I think you’ll need to create a custom device handler for it to be recognized in smartThings.

Thanks for the response .how do u create a custom handler ? I practically use only my Android phone to control smart Things .do u create custom handlers using a computer ? What programme ?

Sorry for the slow response. I didn’t get an alert that you responded.

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There are many community written Device Handlers and Apps that you can add through github or raw code. The language used is called groovy.

I am not a good resource to help you start developing as I am more of a hacker of code than anything. However, there are many documents that are written by smartThings that can help you start developing.

The community is very helpful, so please don’t hesitate to post questions.