Zwave \ Wifi dimmer switch recommendation with NO neutral

Can someone recommend a Zwave or WiFi switch with no neutral dimmer switch that will work with LED lights that compatible with Google or Alexa?

If nothing with dimmable, just on\off is fine as well.


You are more likely to find a dimmer than a binary on/off switch because the physics are different. What the dimmer will do was actually dim it down so low that you can’t see it.

My personal first choice for this situation is neither zwave nor Wi-Fi: it’s Lutron Caseta. Very well engineered, do not require a neutral, but do require their own SmartBridge device to integrate with smartthings or Alexa. my guess is you’d rather get something else because these are expensive, but I just wanted to mention them since they are what I use in my own home.

The most popular that works with smartthings right now is probably the Inovelli red series.zwave. Nice engineering, considerably less expensive than Lutron. Integration with Alexa or Google home will be through smartthings.

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And if cost isn’t an issue Lightwaverf are great bits of kit and fully integrate with smartthings.
The chrome ones look fantastic, there are always a few knocking around on fleabay if your in the UK but make sure you get the right switches as there are a few different kinds.

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Good point, we need to ask what country you are in. Lutron Caseta and Inovelli are only available for the US, lightwave RF is only available in the UK and Europe.

Thank you all. I’m in the US and have multiple zwave devices setup but never had an issue where I had no neutral.

I will look into Inovelli’s as they appear to be exactly what I need. I was initially confused because I saw a black series and it appears I will need a binary converter based on my total wattage.

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Happy to help with any questions and thanks for checking us out (thanks @JDRoberts for the shout-out – we always appreciate it!).

Both the Red & Black Series Dimmers will work in a non-neutral setting and as you noticed, if the load is 25W or less, it will require a bypass (we recommend Aeotec which can be bought on our site or via Aeotec as well on their site or AMZ).

Thanks again for checking us out and have a great day!

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Hi Eric, any idea when these will be back in stock?

Yeah looks like around the 15th. We try to keep this thread up to date: