3-way dimmable switches that support LED lights

Hi, I’m trying to find Smartthings compatible 3-way dimmer switches that work with LED lights. I have led can lights in a home theater that I want to control remotely. I was given a Smartthings hub for Christamas and I can find several zwave 3-way solutions but none that seem to work with led lights. Given that incadecent and cfls are on their way out I’m a bit surprised led support isn’t more readily available. Any suggestions are appreciated.

GE, innovelli, Zooz, homeseer, Leviton and more. Take your pick.


I looked at GE and Leviton and I what I read seem to have mixed information. However, Zooz you recommended seems like an awesome solution. No master/slave and works with an existing 3way switch. Thanks for the suggestions!

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Almost all of the currently available three way switches that work with SmartThings will work with dumb LED lights. None of them will work with smart LED lights, but that’s because of the potential damage to the radio in the bulb. So I’m not sure what you’ve been reading.

There is one issue that you didn’t mention but which does come up which is if you do not have a neutral wire at the light switch, then most of the Z wave switches that can be put there will only work with incandescent or Halogens.

Fortunately, Lutron Caseta switches now have an official integration with SmartThings, and most of their models do not require a neutral wire. They work fine with dumb dimmable LEDs. You do have to get the Lutron SmartBridge in order to get the integration (one smartbridge can support up to 40 Lutron devices). These are very well engineered switches with many patents and are what I use in my own home. :sunglasses:


If instead you were asking about switches that will work with smart LEDs, see the following:

You do have to look at the specs for each individual model, there’s no general rule for an entire brand. They make many different models for many different purposes. :sunglasses:

I did have a situation with dimmable LEDs in my ceiling fan. My GE smart dimmer would not significantly dim the LEDs. The ceiling fan has five bulbs in it, I had to replace one with a similar looking incandescent to pull the voltage down enough to get a satisfactory resolution on the dim.


Not all LEDs are created equal. Some can dim all the way down, some not.
I have like 10 GE dimmers and all work good, both in single and 3-way configuration.
I also have neutral at the fixture (required).

Zooz is the only way to go! I have both GE and Zooz Dimmable switches running LED lights and the BIGGEST difference is the 3-way switches. I don’t need extra GE switches as the Zooz supports the legacy manual switch to trigger the action. Also about 30% cheaper than the GE models. Just my $0.02.

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I have been looking for a Zwave dimmer swithc that doesn’t require extra Addon switches like GE does, Do you mind sharing the Zooz model number you use please

ZEN22 is the one I was looking at but I haven’t purchased it yet so I don’t know how well it works.

That’s it and it works well. I have a review posted somewhere in here.


Here is what I have in the house:

Zooz Dimmer - https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01N0GWI83/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o02_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1

Zooz Toggle Switch - https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01A3SBTM6/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o04_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1


Perfect thank you, I will definitely get a few of these that will save money not having to buy addons like the GE needs

Just to share a bit more details about LED bulb compatibility. We’ve tested the Zooz dimmers with the most popular LED bulbs you can find online and here are the results:

AMAZON BASIC (10-100% dimming)
BROADA (10-100% dimming)
CMYK EDISON STYLE (0-100% dimming)
CREE (10-100% dimming)
Ecosmart (10-100% dimming)
GE (10-100% dimming)
GE Reveal (10-100% dimming)
Halo (10-100% dimming)
HYPERICON (10-100% dimming)
Philips HUE (10-100% dimming)
SUNCO (10-100% dimming)
Sylvania (10-100% dimming)
TCP (0-100% dimming)
Utilitech (0-100% dimming)
Utilitech recessed (10-100% dimming)

The ONLY bulb that we found flickering with the Zooz dimmers so far is the CostCo Luminus brand.

I’m using them and they do not flicker with GE dimmers.

Did you purchase the bulbs recently? It’s possible that they’ve changed something in the latest version/model of the bulbs because we’ve only started to hear about issues in the last couple of weeks.

About one year ago. I have one spare if you want me to test something for you.

Thanks for offering Daniel! Do you already have any of the Zooz dimmer switches to see if the older version of the bulb flickers when controlled with the dimmer?

Only GE. I only have Zooz motion and power strip.

No problem Daniel, we’ll send you a switch to test then, this way we’ll know if Luminus changed something in their design/construction recently or if it’s a general incompatibility issue between the brand and Zooz dimmers. You’ll hear from our team with the details shortly!