Is there any smart switch dimmers that will integrate with Smartthings without its own hub?

I’m looking for a smart switch dimmer that will work with Smartthings hub. I’ve looked into Lutron Caseta but that switch requires its own hub/bridge. I’ve purchased the WeMo switch dimmer that switch is not compatible with Smartthings. So, any suggestion is much appreciated.

Almost any z-wave switch/dimmer will work directly with the ST Hub. The GE z-wave ones are very popular.


Many people swear by the Homeseer dimmers and also the GE/Jasco dimmers. Also, I’ve seen people talk highly about the Levitron switches and dimmers as well.

Just a question, what would be the downside to having the Caseta hub along with the ST hub in your situation?

Thanks for the response. I believed the Lutron Caseta with the bridge will cost extra and since I already have Smartthings, Logitech Harmony with hub, and Alexa, I’m trying to get a switch that would at least work with my existing devices if possible.


Ahhhh, gotcha. Personally, I use the GE/Jasco switches and dimmers without an issue, but like @ogiewon stated, virtually any z-wave switch/dimmer will work.

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The total budget cost will depend on the exact set up. One Lutron SmartBridge can support up to 40 Lutron devices, and their auxiliary switches (the pico remotes) tend to be noticeably less expensive than the auxiliaries for the Z wave devices. So if you have any three-way switches in your set up, the Lutron Caseta and the GE, for example, and up costing just about the same plus maybe an extra $30 to cover the cost of the starter kit that has the SmartBridge. And the Lutron are better engineered devices. But if you need only master switches, then the GE will be significantly less expensive. So different things work for different projects. :sunglasses:

The SmartThings hub includes a Z wave controller and a zigbee home automation (ZHA) coordinator built in, so if you buy switches using one of those two protocols you won’t need an additional bridge.

The device class features FAQ includes more discussion of what options you might want to look at. The light switch discussion starts around post 40 in that thread (this is a clickable link):

Also the following FAQ might be of interest:

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I use the Leviton dimmers and switches throughout my house.

As others have pointed out the GE/Jasco dimmers are very popular and available at Lowes and other hardware stores. I have several. I also have a couple of Zooz dimmer switches. Those work well also. Then I ran into the “no neutral wire” on a few of my switches and after looking and searching I finally went ahead and added Lutron Caseta into my mix. I’m happy that I did. I’m now thinking of replacing a couple existing dimmers with the Caseta dimmer simply because I like the way they look. Kinda silly. But as my eco-system grows so does my interest in new toys. Going to get a couple Raspberry Pi’s to have for test systems and toys also.

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