FAQ Request: Installing custom device type/device handler/smartapp

I would very much like to see a FAQ on how to install a custom device type, device handler, and smart app from both github and just copy/pasted from this forum. Just the generic steps, with the understanding that the code may have to be edited by the user for a specific install.

Full instructions, including links to IDE.

So three separate parts:

To install a SmartApp that needs a custom device type, device handler, and smartapp from Github:

and then the same for copy/paste from forum.

Video is nice, but I would prefer a forum post as one of my aides is deaf.

If there’s an existing forum post that covers this, that would be great, just provide a link to that.



:] I hope I am understanding the request properly, this is a start, and one of the three you requested?


It’s a great post. :blush:

It would be enough for someone familiar with Java or groovy. I’m not sure it would be enough for someone who hadn’t coded a Java type language. But it meets my needs.


I’ve added a more general FAQ for nontechnical people to the Welcome category: