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Aeon Labs Siren as door chime

(Michael) #1

Since they boast different sounds, I bought one of these to use as an upstairs door chime. I don’t want a loud siren going off, just a quick quiet beep…can this happen?


just 1 quick search in the forums will bring you to this community device handler :slight_smile:

(Michael) #3

Thank you, didn’t see that when I searched.

Is there a tutorial somewhere on how to implement those things? I can make my way around the app, but not sure where to start for building out programs like this.


Sounds like you are fairly new to SmartThings community so here’s a link to an FAQ. You should spend some time to familiarize yourself with the terms and process.

(Michael) #5

Yes, I am. I’ve had SmarThings installed for a couple of weeks, time to push outside of what comes with the app. Thanks!

(Luis avevedo) #6

Hey did you find your answer…because I’m in the same boat… lol we learn as we go… and I’m new to this to…