Automate the installation of a custom device type

Has anyone come up with a clean way to automate the instillation of a custom device type and SmartApp into a user’s IDE? I have a custom device type I would like to make available to the public and I would like to make it as easy as possible to install.


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I wish… device types are a no bueno.

Perhaps some clever Javascript hacking?

If we presume that cross-site scripting is prevented, then a Browser Plug-In would still be an option. That might be an ambitious project though, and require plug-in installation by the user…

The guys who made the smart tiles solution for SmartThings had a cool solution (Ben even mentioned it in one of the developer videos). I was hoping someone had created a process to automate the cutting and pasting of the device type from GitHub.

Here is my GitHub web page for my device type Does anyone know of a way I can place a link on my GitHub web page that when clicked places the content of my device type into the clipboard so its easy for the user to past it into their IDE? That has to be doable but I cant find a way to do it. It would get me half way there.

SmartTiles and several other prominent SmartApps use that particular solution, but to the best of my knowledge, it is only applicable to SmartApps, not Device Type Handlers. The relevant architecture is different.

Regarding GitHub… If you link to the Raw view of the code, then a Select All / Copy will function reliably.

The SmartThings IDE however, was never intended as a method of distribution to mass consumers. SmartThings wants Developers to use the “submission / review / publication” process for many good reasons, and it would be contrary to this goal for them to make alternatives any more convenient.