Where to get Smart Apps?

So as I dig around to learn more on ST and all, I found a “smart app” I want to use here, but cannot see in the IDE or the app on how to use, import, etc. My searching hasn’t given me enough info. Can someone clarify?

Here’s more info on using custom code:



The FAQ that @johnconstantelo gave you from the community-created wiki should answer the specific process question.

In addition, two other links that you will probably find helpful.

First, in order to find custom code to use, you can check the quick browse lists in the community-created wiki. Any list you pick will lead you back into this forum, it’s just that the search is a lot easier if you start from the wiki. You can pick a list, for example, of device type handlers specifically for lighting, or you can look at project reports on holidays or kitchens or A/V projects just to get more ideas. :sunglasses:


Finally, if you go down to the bottom of the quick browse page to the “project reports” section, the first list there is the “get started“ list. It has a number of topics that I think you might find of interest.


You rock @JDRoberts!


To add though, I can see how to get the code, but am confused where to use these apps and all. Isn’t very apparent.

Do you have difficulty following links, either because of physical issues or because of cognitive issues like TBI? We do have some community members who have those kinds of challenges, and people will be happy to help if that’s what’s going on.

Otherwise, the answer is in the link you’ve already been given by @johnconstantelo in post 2.

The first section explains what a device type handler is.

The second section is titled

How To Publish Custom SmartApps and Device Types to Yourself So You Can Use Them

And walks you through the steps so that eventually the code becomes an automation that you can choose from inside of the SmartThings classic mobile app.

As it says at the top of that section:

Now when you open the official SmartThings mobile app, this new custom smartapp will appear as a choice under My Apps in the SmartApp section in the Marketplace.

So all of the smartapps are simply “automations“ that you use inside of the SmartThings mobile app.

Which version of the mobile app are you using: “SmartThings classic“ or “smartthings (Samsung connect)”?

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Can you explain a little more? What do you mean by “where to use these apps”?

The app you linked to above would get installed in the IDE as explained in the links provided above. Were you able to follow along with those instructions?

Once you have the app properly set up in the IDE, use the SmartThings Classic app and go to the Marketplace. Tap on SmartApps, then scroll down until you see “My Apps”. Tap on that and you’ll see the app you set up in the IDE.


I’m assuming none of this works if you’re using the Samsung Connect App? That’s what I am using.

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Correct. Unless you have a Samsung device that only will work with the new app, stick with Classic for a while.

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