Where to buy Linear Garage Door Opener

Can anyone tell me where I can get this other than going to to amazon.



Nortek is the manufacturer.

The same GD00Z model is sold under the linear, gocontrol, 2Gig, and Nutone brands. It’s now carried in most places as go control.

You can find it at Home Depot, Staples, Best Buy, Sears, etc. Also from the Wink site.

The iris-branded one sold at Lowe’s is the original GD00z1 model of the same Nortek device. I originally thought the GD 00Z4 was an updated model, but it appears it’s just a different branding and these are all the same device. :sunglasses:

I got mine from Amazon…Set up is rather easy and it does work good…

Not sure if you don’t like Amazon, but for a while these were priced below $90

Oh, and if you’re trying to fill a specific punchlist, zwaveproducts.com does carry the one that’s branded Linear.

Nortek is now marketing the “Linear” brand to professional installers and the “GoControl” as a retail brand for DIY, but usually only the box and the stick on label are different. If you look at the manuals or the FCC license, you’ll see they’re all the same device. :wink:

Thanks everyone for the info! I only asked b.c sometimes I just want to go to the store and have it in hand.

@MichaelS I have nothing against Amazon, that’s my daily toy store. Plus, who can not take advantage of prime… Lol

Yep…I was not a prime believer until I looked at last years modest purchases and how much shipping I paid. Then it was an easy sell…especially when I get The Man in the High Castle for free (which is a great show if you like SciFi and history).


The linear Garage Door opener works really well. This is a good choice.

Do you know what the differences are between the two models? I just picked up the Iris one from Lowes and since it’s cheaper ($80) than the others I’ve found I’d like to install this one. IF there’s a benefit to the z4 then I’d consider returning it and getting that one.

I purchased two ( two doors ) from Lowes and they work great.

That was my error. I originally thought the 4 was an updated model compared to the 1, but it turns out they just represent different branding. They’re all the same device with literally different brand stickers on them.

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Thanks for that!

If you paid $80 you may want to see if Lowes will match other store prices. Many seem to be dumping stock:

I’m actually taking a return to Lowes today. Can anyone PM me a copy of their $20 receipt so I can see if I can get a price match?

There are a few times - only a few, mind you - where I really wish I lived in the US. Or at least closer to the border. My two GD00Zs cost me $134.99 CAD each.

Bought mine for $40 via the link on the deals thread, installed today. Took hubby about 20 minutes to install, mostly because he had to change the outlet our garage door opener was plugged into from 1 to 2 plugs. Up and running in ST in 30 seconds.