FAQ: How can I change the parameters on a Zwave device?

Many Z wave devices have “configuration parameters” which let you do a one time set up of the device. For lighting, this is typically things like the rate at which a dimmable light fades to off, whether the Indicator LED is on when the light is on or on when the light is off, etc. For a siren, it might define whether both the sound and a strobe light were triggered at the same time. For a motion sensor, it might be the duration of the inactivity period before it reports again. Other devices will have other configurable parameters. And it’s up to each manufacturer to decide exactly what parameters will be configurable for each model. Typically the options will be listed in the user guide for the device.

So far, so good. But now how do you actually set those parameters what you have a device on your SmartThings network?

1) many device type handlers allow you to change these parameters. So start by going to the device detail screen in the mobile app and tapping on the gear icon. For some devices, the only thing you will be able to change is the device name. But for others, particularly light switches, you will see a number of parameters that you can change on that page.

2) Use the Zwave Tweaker. if the device type handler you are using doesn’t expose the parameters that you want to change, you can temporarily assign a device to the “Z wave tweaker” device type handler created by community member @zcapr17 . This is a very handy tool. It will expose most of the configurable parameters available for the device. You can then change them to what you want them to be and save the results. Then reassign the device to the original device type handler. The configured settings will still be saved in the device itself and you will be able to use it the way you wanted to.

Note that all of the above only works for Z wave devices. For zigbee devices, try step one, but don’t use step two: it can only communicate with Z wave.