Retrieve/change Z-Wave device parameters with new SmartThings


is there any way to retrieve and/or change parameters with the new SmartThings app/dev environment (no SmartThings Classic)? I tried the solution with Z-Wave Tweaker, but that only appears to work with SmartThings Classic. Device commands seem to be there (with device handler Simulator), but I couldn’t find a way to call them. But maybe I’m doing something wrong.

Any ideas or guidance? Thank you!

Are you trying to tweak a zwave configuration parameter?

@RBoy Thanks for answer. In short, I’m not sure about the terminology, but it seems that we’re speaking about the same thing. I’ve also posted a link with example, but it was blocked by spambot. Maxbe it’ll appear once…

I’m having the same problem. I cannot change the Z-Wave parameters for my zwave device in the New Smartthings using the Z-Wave Tweaker.

Has anyone managed to change your zwave parameters on your device using the new SmartThings interface?

Need advice. Thanks.

The zwave tweaker was updated for the 2021 version of the app, but still requires the groovy cloud, so it will go away when the cloud does in a few months. But it should work for now. Did you try that version? Here’s a direct link.

Also, what’s the brand/model of your device? Many battery-powered devices can’t be reconfigured on the fly, only when they first join the network, so the tweaker doesn’t work with those.

Thanks Robert!

I did install this V0.09, Zwave Tweaker but thought it didn’t work because the tiles on the UI were no longer showing.

Your message saying that it does work for the 2021 Smartthings, and your link to the writeup helped a lot! I then found out that the tiles were intentionally removed, and I could use the toggles in the settings instead.

I shall try it out.

I’m trying to update the parameters for my Z-Wave Aeon Labs Garage Door Controller (GDC). It’s directly connected to the power supply. Was able to do this before on the classic Smartthings with the old ZwaveTweaker.

Thanks again!

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