Device Parameters


I’m wondering if anyone has found a simple way to set device parameters. An example would be for a motion sensor that has a parameter that allows you to control the sensitivity of the motion sensor.

If I’m in the wrong area please let me know.


Take a look at this if it’s a zwave device.


You mentioned short term so I’m really looking for a long term setting. Is what your suggesting good for the forever solution?

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(Jimmy) #4

since devices have different parameters, that’s going to vary by device. Is there a certain device you are looking to do this for?


I topically find that RGB bulbs and motion sensors need some sort of adjustment. I’ve used another controllers and you can set device options on everything with out having to code anything so I was kinda looking to see what options I have.

Darl Crick
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(Mark) #6

As long as the device saves the parameter change after the z-wave controller has changed it, you should be able to use that device handler linked above to make the parameter change, then go back to using the device handler you were previously using.