FAQ: Add Lutron Pico to ST? (2019)

I’ve got a Lutron Pico all added to my Lutron Smart Bridge. The Lutron integration in ST doesn’t find it. I’ve tried removing and re-adding and re-authorizing the integration, but the Pico is still not found in ST.

Any ideas?


the Lutron Picos are invisible to smartthings through the official integration. You can still use them through the Lutron app to control other Lutron switches that you have, but you can’t use them for anything else.

So if you just want to use them as the auxiliary switch in a three-way with a Lutron Caseta master switch, just add your lutron smart bridge and the master switch to SmartThings, then use the Lutron app to match the pico to the master and you should be all set. You won’t see the pico listed in your SmartThings app, but the three-way set up will work just fine.

to get more functionality

There are three methods that some community members use to get additional options from the picos, but each one will require adding yet more devices.

One) use a Lutron Caseta plug-in dimmer as a proxy

How to use a Lutron Pocketsocket as a proxy to make a Pico visible to ST (or HomeKit) without needing any other devices

This is the simplest method but also the most limited. And you will need one plug-in dimmer for each pico.

  1. use a raspberry pi or other device as a server and then follow the instructions in the following thread. This works well but requires significant technical knowledge. This will be limited to a single Lutron smartbridge pro, But you will be able to see each pico individually.
  1. Use a Hubitat And set up proxy devices.

Hubitat is a hub similar to smart things, but happens to have a really great local Lutron integration. And it will let you use multiple Lutron Smartbridge pros, So it’s especially good for people who will have more than 75 Lutron devices total. But again, you will need a pretty strong technical background to get this all set up.

So those are the choices. It’s not elegant, but any of these will work if you really want to use the picos with smartthings. :sunglasses:


Actually the limit is 50, including the SmartBridge Pro itself. However, as you mention, you can add additional Smart Bridge Pros in Hubitat. There is no limit to how many you can add.

Lutron has just this week announced that they are changing the limit of the smartbridge from 50 to 75 on July 8, 2019. That should apply to all setup’s once the firmware is updated. :sunglasses:

A Caséta starter kit gives you the essentials you need to easily get started with smart lighting control. Expanding your system is easy, too. You can add up to 75 Lutron devices and integrate with other leading smart home brands as you go.

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Thanks for updating me with the correct info!

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Ah, thanks. Why is this stuff so hard? It’s almost like they don’t want us to automate.

SmartThings made the decision from the beginning that their official integrations might be only at the most basic level. I think it was about three years before we could, for example, change the user codes on an officially supported smart lock through the app using the Official features.

This did force the community to become very creative in building unofficial integrations for many different devices, and that creativity has led to a lot of good results.

But it’s just been a different corporate philosophy from those companies which had many fewer official integrations but offered a wider feature set for each. It can get frustrating, though. :sunglasses: