Lutron Caseta Picos for $11.45 on Amazon

Amazon has a pretty insane deal on Pico’s right now:

If you have the Pro bridge with telnet set up, these are some of the best remote switches out there!


Am I correct that Pico doesn’t really work with SmartThings? It can talk to Lutron hub and then you have to have some sort of intermediary. RIght?

Well, it “really works” but it is through an intermediary. See: How to control anything with inexpensive Lutron Pico remotes

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If you use the official integration, the picos aren’t visible to smartthings. You can still use them as an auxiliary control for a lutron master switch, but that’s it.

There is a community created integration @iderdik linked to. It requires an additional device to act as a “man in the middle“ server and you have to be using the smartbridge pro model, but once you have that you can use the picos like any other button controller. :sunglasses:


Yes, I understand. Everything “really works” with SmartThings if you put enough hardware and software between the two.

Thanks @JDRoberts. It looks like a nifty device, but the price differential gets eaten up quickly when you start having to stick things in the middle.

I hear you. Many folks already have Lutron devices (and a hub) for their switch locations that don’t have a neutral wire. Its hard to justify a pretty large purchase for one or two cheaper remotes. That being said, I really like these picos because they can mount anywhere and look good. I’ve even changed a single gang switch into a double by adding a surface mount pico! I’ve been hard-pressed to find another remote that works with SmartThings and actually looks like a switch.


Actually you can get them way cheaper than that…

If you are building your Lutron Caseta network of dimmers and switches, when you buy the kit Lutron P-PKG1WB-WH, you pay $5 extra (on top of what you would pay for the dimmer alone) and get not only the pico remote but also the wall bracket. i have extra picos!
$11.45 is too much!! :stuck_out_tongue: … but a good price if you only want extra picos.

Kit (Dimmer + Pico + Wall bracket):

Dimmer only: