Fantastic window blind kit: mySmartBlinds over Bluetooth

I purchased a window blind motorizing kit and am totally amazed how easy it was to install and schedule. The only problem at this time is it runs with Bluetooth and an iPhone or Android app. Itself calibrates and I have it set to follow the sun so it works using sunrise and sunset settings but with a time I set up, so no matter what time of year it is in sync. It took 15 minutes to install in a double window which has one large blind that is crazy heavy. It can work with a USB charger and they say depending on how many times it adjusts a day it could last 6 months. but they also sell a solar cell for 45 dollars more. There is also a smart switch available. The company is I am hoping that in the near future I can work it via SmartThings. They say they are working on a hub or something.

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No mini blinds yet :pensive:

Not yet, the motor and battery just fit in a 2" blind top rail. And it was tight. There is another company that I use for mini blinds that have a tilt rod and it works on RF and easy to install. The company is EzWand the unit replaces the wand on the blind and tilts by remote and the remote can handle 10 blinds. www.

I was looking at this blind controller and it looks good on paper, however there is absolutely no product reviews out there, Android app download counter is like 100+ and shipping to Canada is $50.

How can I trust that this product will exist and remain supported?

There is a number of positive reviews here in the community, but there’s nothing else to do by…

Alex there is no way to say how long a product will remain in business. But here is a page of reviews from media. I took a chance as There waqs nothing on the market that will handle blinds that are faux and heavy plus double window wide over 6.5 feet. This works like a dream. I had no options open to me and this seemed to good to be true. I installed it and it opens by itself in the morning to the amount I want which I can change at any time and closes at night without me doing a thing. My only negative is that it doesn’t work with ST as of now, but as much as I am hoping it will in the future, it was the only game in town. There is a 10% coupon out there if you search for it. For better reviews that are up to date and no searching hard, I just typed My Smart Blinds reviews in Google.


I found this and was wondering if there are some brilliant people that can get this connected? I think it has the possibility, but not sure how to implement it…

Here’s their website:

This seems like a logical solution, or just wait until MySmartblinds finishes their BT hub…

Any thoughts on this?



Their new Kickstarter campaign is alive. They have the hub (beta) for $40…and some of their other stuff at a discount, too…


ST is around the corner per this post: