My Smart Blinds

Well I have MySmartBlinds for about 10 days and find them to be a fantastic and their reasonable price makes them a smart deal. Just hoping for Bluetooth integration soon. The company says they are working on hub support, so I hope ST is one. But at least the blinds work once setup without human interaction. They open to my desired angle according to a time I set according to the sun and close the same way. So even with it not part of ST it feels like it is.


How loud is it when you have a few blinds in a room moving at the same time?

To be honest that depends on a few things. My install is one double window 6’6" wide and heavy Faux blinds. Now the variables that make it more or less noise.

  1. My blind has a shallow head rail which meant the motor had to be mounted without its mount which the company says is fine except it makes more noise.
  2. There is a setting in the phone software that allows the blind to be opened a few degrees at a time until fully open after a certain number of minutes.
  3. The noise my blinds make for just a few seconds to where the blind is horizontal is very little, so I don’t mind. It also opens when I am not in the room and closes also when I am not in the room. Time open or time close is set by you.
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This makes me excited, unfortunate I am broke!

I remember eyeing these long time ago, so to hear them working and being sold, is great!

Look forward to hearing more in the future.

I am in contact with the company as I have three windows side by side that are 9’ x4" long and have a common head rail. I asked them if I can somehow couple the rods together and remove the pull cord tilt mechanisms and replace them with one switch and one motor, as that would save me a lot of money.


I have them too and love them, use the sun tracking and it’s fantastic, can’t wait for Smartthings integration

I am hoping this comes soon, I am a real fan of these.

these look great. when they say compatible with 2" min =- do they mean the main unit that controls the tilting of the blinds must be 2" wide for it to work?

Yes the motor has to fit in the rail

Exactly the rail has to be at least two inches wide by 1.5 or more deep. I have them now for a good while and they haven’t used much battery at all so I haven’t even charged the battery yet. Opens and closes so integration with smart things would be nice but since they never fail to work not necessary and there is a app for it.

pretty impressive. integration with smartthings would be difficult without having the blinds bluetooth connect to a hub of some sort (perhaps ST?)

thank you for that though. gonna go measure my blinds!

I backed MOVE on kickstarter, I can post some feedback when I/if i receive them :wink:

I have them a while now not needed to charge them and I think they are great and easy to install. I hope we can one day be able to use with ST, but so far no luck, as Bluetooth isn’t turned on on V2 Hub.