New blind controller on Kickstarter

Looks like there is another blind controller out there now. Appears to be controlled by Bluetooth 4.

Tilt My Blinds

Don’t see an API reference yet. I just shot them a message asking about integration.

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The use of bluetooth is a drawback for my needs but I like the low cost compared to Somfy solutions across many blinds. Being limited to the phone control it looks like integrating with Smartthings through an API is unlikely. Still should be fun to watch if this makes it to market by next Spring. I suppose a z-wave connected bluetooth controller wouldn’t be too hard to figure out.

Tempting… but the one area where I really would want to have this is in my dinning room where I’ve got vertical blinds. Plus I’d ideally like to open/close, not just tilt.

Crazy nice feature set. The solar is a nice touch. BTLE is OK, though it would be nice if ST had support for that.

Product looks VERY complicated though and I can’t imagine this ships on time. Definitely will be revisiting this when it launches though - price point is very attractive.